How I feel working on Tuist

3 July 2019

It’s been a long time working on Tuist, and despite some downs, I continue to be excited about the project. In hindsight, these are the facts that contribute to that:

  • I had the opportunity to meet and work with enthusiastic people that bring a lot of ideas and good vibes for the project. They found a lot of value in the project and are giving a lot back. Seeing them contributing to the project is very inspiring. For instance, this week I sent them some Tuist stickers and a small letter thanking them for the contribution.
  • It’s an interesting challenge in a domain where most of the standards, frameworks and tools are given by Apple. It sometimes feel like rowing a small boat next to a cruise, but that’s fun too. The fact that we are a tiny project allows us to be closer to developers and have a more iterative process to help them scale.
  • Swift is relatively new in the command line tooling space. As a consequence there are APIS like Process that are not as friendly as they could be. Exploring that territory and pushing the language forward feels great.
  • We started building a new element to take Tuist and teams’ productivity to the next level, Tuist Galaxy. We aim to build a web platform that integrates with developers workflows and their tools (e.g Xcode, GitHub, Slack) and provides them with insights and useful information to ensure their projects are in a healthy state. Leveraging the web to make that possible is an interesting task.
  • We are no just building software, but a product. That means design, documentation, community, website, and so many other things from which I'm learning a lot.

The only thing that I wish I could start doing is dog-fooding. It’s hard to get ideas, or build the ones that I have if I don’t use the project as part of my day to day job.

Anyway, I’m happy for what we achieved and looking forward for the months and years ahead.

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