Generating Typescript code from a GraphQL schema

30 September 2020

Today, I learned about a tool called GraphQL Code Generator turns a GraphQL schema into typed models and utilities for interacting with a GraphQL API. In my case, I'm using it in a React application where I'm using Apollo as the client. Using the tool is as simple as adding a configuration YAML at the root of the project:

schema: schema.graphql
documents: "app/javascript/**/*.graphql"
- typescript
- typescript-operations
- typescript-react-apollo
reactApolloVersion: 3

And then running yarn graphql-codegen. The tools outputs a .ts that contains all the necessary code for interacting with the API. For example, the snippet below shows how to fetch the current user by using the generated code:

import { useMeQuery } from "graphql/types"
const MyComponent = () => {
const { data, loading, error } = useMeQuery()
return <div>{data}</div>

In the past are those days with Objective-C and Swift when I had to write the client-side models manually using the API documentation. Who wants to do that again after seeing such a powerful workflow? By the way, Shopify has a similar tool that generates models in Swift & Kotlin - it's called Syrup and it's open source.

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