Monetization driven tools

4 June 2021

Recently, I changed my mindset regarding how I invest my spare time building tools for developers. I used to build them open-source without monetization in mind. That's the case of Tuist. It's been a huge time investment, but I got a lot in return: connections, recognition, and experience. Those are great things in someone's career. However, unless you do something, your time commitment will increase overtime, and the return will either stay the same or go down. At some point you hit this inflection point where you wonder whether you should continue investing into it, or instead find something else that allows you to work less, have the freedom to choose what to work on, and don't think about money anymore. This idea clicked in my head after reading some blog posts from RIP.

So what are you doing Pedro? Taking inspiration from @levelsio, I'm putting on the hat of building developer tools that I can monetize. I'll do my best to forget about tests, tech stacks, GraphQL, typing... and all those things we engineers get excited about, and focus on prototyping ideas that can be monetized. Everything I need is Rails and boring technologies that I can deploy to Heroku.

Expect to hear more from those ideas on this blog and on Twitter.

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